Let's Rebuild the American Dream Together

Let's Rebuild the American Dream Together

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All About the People-First Economy

In tech circles, innovators are familiar with the process toward what they call a 2.0 iteration. Our vision incorporates the best ideas and people from all corners of the political spectrum. In the quickly evolving digital age, the new talent economy will prevail. While the college-for-all boon of the last fifteen years has had certain advantages, and the undergraduate degree remains the gold standard, the financial realities have been brutal for millions of Americans. Too many are drowning under $1.8 trillion in student debt. Technology can and should empower new ways of learning, preparing our citizens for future success with or without such burdens. This administration plans to introduce specific programs to that end. It’s not about money, it’s about people first. We must focus on upskilling toward greater economic security. This movement supports rapidly implementing personalized learning powered by technology to equip our next great generation of leaders for the new world just ahead. Let's not allow foreign nationals to leap ahead of American interests. We dare not waste a bit of time as we usher in a better way of competing on the global stage for the jobs of tomorrow.

America cannot look forward by seeking refuge in the past. That is why I am entering the 2024 presidential race—to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans, knowing that together we can rebuild the American Dream.

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